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    Meghann of Featherstone Nutrition and Meaghan of Believe in the Run have partnered with ASICS on a Summer Hydration Tour and we are SO excited they will be coming to Red Coyote Running & Fitness on Saturday, July 22nd!

    Meghann and Meaghan be hitting up warm cities throughout the months of July and August — hosting group runs and educating runners on the importance of hydration. They’ll be handing out plenty of Skratch Labs hydration products along with a few Nix Biosensors for real-time information on sweat rate and composition.

    Come run our Pack Pint Run route from the Classen Curve store at 6:30 a.m. and refuel with Skratch hydration products along the way! Afterwards, enjoy a Skratch shaved ice at Red Coyote to cool down, shop some awesome new products, and hear from Meghann and Meaghan on how to keep crushing those hot miles all summer long!

    Join us for some very fun, very sweaty miles and don't forget to RSVP for the event right here!



    Hi, I'm Meghann!

    I'm a sports dietitian, wellness coach, runner, wife, mom of two kiddos, and a full-blown nutrition geek/running freak. My passion is helping people find their own personal balance of nutrition and fitness in their busy lives.

    For the last 15 years, I have been working with people to help them find their happy place with nutrition, exercise, body composition and life. I love helping all of you with performance nutrition - whether it's through 1-on-1 or group nutrition coaching, customized plans, Instagram posts, recipes or our free resources. Whatever your nutrition needs are - I am here to help!

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    Meaghan signed up for her first marathon three weeks before the race, because it was $10 more than the half she planned to run. She learned everything in running the hard way. Now a USATF & UESCA certified run coach, she loves encouraging friends to go for big goals as she continues to chase faster times. She enjoys a hot cup of coffee, a cold martini, and making bagels for friends and family.

    All-time favorite shoes: Nike Alphafly Next%, New Balance SC Trainer, ASICS Superblast.

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