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    What is the Better Bins program?

    Red Coyote is proud to be one of the first run specialty retailers to pilot the Better Bins program, a unique recycling center developed specifically with run specialty in mind. Better Bins provides a way to recycle shoes, clothing, socks, and nutrition quickly, easily, and sustainably.

    This unique recycling center partners with Recover, Sneaker Impact, and GU/TerraCycle to create a one stop recycling center for individuals to utilize in their local run specialty shop. The goal is to divert these products from landfills and also get consumers comfortable with the concept of recycling, diverting, and thinking about where their products are coming from and ending up.

    Want to learn more about what you can recycle through Better Bins? Check out these helpful FAQs. 



    Footwear including athletic shoes, hiking boots, insoles, sock-liners, and arch supports are allowed.

    Sandals, dress shoes, kids' shoes, heels, cross country, soccer, or other athletic spikes, winter or ski boots are not allowed.




    Any single serving sports nutrition wrappers including gels, chews, waffles, and drinks from any brand are allowed.

    Non-sports nutrition wrappers (chips, cookies, etc.), plastic tubes/jugs like Nuun Tabs or GU Roctane Drink are not allowed.




    Any apaprel pieces that are cotton, polyester, or cotton/polyblend are allowed.

    Dirty items or socks with grips are not allowed. The following must be removed from apparel to make them eligible: zippers, buttons, elastic, etc.




    Better Bins are located at both Red Coyote stores: 

    Classen Curve: 5720 North Classen Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

    Edmond: 1300 W. Covell Road #120, Edmond, OK 73003




    Email us at info@redcoyoterunning.com!



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